The Homestead Experience

The Homestead Experience

Experience Life in Our Farming Community Through the Eyes of a Food Lover

A day of farm visits, cultural discoveries and culinary fun and enjoyment.



This program is designed for you to experience the culinary life in our farming and fishing community.  
Before heading to the breathtaking location of HOKKAIDian Homestead, We will take you to visit local farmers and little known local cultural treasures.  
After making the rounds picking up the day’s ingredients, we head back to home base at our barn kitchen for some culinary fun and seasonal gourmet enjoyment. 
If you are looking to immerse yourself in an unique Hokkaido food experience and bond with the local people and culture, the Homestead Experience is for you.


Fee:  ¥23,800 / Guest 

Max capacity of 7 guests due to limited car seats.  If guests have own transportation, we can host up to 12 guests for this event.  
Please contact us for arrangements

Time:  10:30 – 17:00

  • Meet up To begin the day, we will pick you up at one of the following locations: hotels at Lake Toya Onsen, Datemonbetsu or Toyako JR Station.  If you have your own car, you are welcome to drive along.     
  • Off-site visit | Depending on the season, you will visit a local specialty farm or the fishing port to see first hand the source of the wonderful Hokkaido food.  Along the way, we will take you some of the treasured spots to learn about the local culture.
  • Homestead | After picking up the ingredients, you will arrived at the HOKKAIDian Homestead for some culinary fun and you are welcome to explore our hilltop property. 
    • Welcome | Enjoy heathy seasonal refreshments prepared by our in-house chef.
    • 1st Session | Chef Bastien will guide you on the day’s first session of hands-on culinary fun.
    • Homestead Time | Spend sometime outdoors with your host discovering the special scenic spots while enjoying some Hokkaido seasonal goodies.  
    • 2nd Session | We return to the barn kitchen for you to get familiar with the seasonal vegetables, meat and seafood.  Bastien will share culinary tips. 
    • 3rd Session | Watch Chef Bastien put the final touches on the day’s dishes 
    • Main Feast | Time to enjoy the work you put in preparing the best seasonal Hokkaido ingredients. 
    • Homestead Time | Relax, hang out, ask any question you might have; or share your thoughts about food, cooking or life in general. 

Dates available for this program listed by month.  Please contact us if you are interested in other dates. 


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