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Venison is nutritious, natural and delicious, if you know how to properly prepared it!


Chef Okawa will share his techniques and tips on how to prepare venison, one of the signature foods of Hokkaido!


Chef Okawa is an avid hunter who spends a lot of time outdoors looking for deers. He had been a chef at a major luxury hotel in Toya for over 11 years. This year, he founded his own business of supplying venison to chefs, restaurants and other customers around Japan.

今回、ホッカイディアン ホームステッドでは、初の試みとして、大川シェフから直々に鹿肉の捌きから調理の仕方まで、彼が永年蓄積してきた秘訣をご紹介します。そして、調理後はみなさんと一緒に食卓を囲み、一緒に鹿肉料理に舌鼓を打つ。。。といった企画です。

We at HOKKAIDian Homestead are very excited to host Okawa San venison workshops. In this workshop, Chef Okawa will demonstrate his techniques of butchering and preparing the meat. Of course, he will also share tips and delicious venison recipes.

Afterwards, all particants will sit down and enjoy a delicious feast of Hokkaido version.



時間:11am to 3pm


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